Press Release

Decred Integrates with Exodus to Offer Secure Transfer of Blockchain Assets

June 23, 2017

Extension of the DCR and Exodus Networks Comes on the Heels of a Flurry of Other Upgrades from the Cryptocurrency Industry Stalwarts

[Chicago, IL June 23, 2017] Decred (DCR), the cryptocurrency for the people by Bitcoin developers, today announced that it is supported by Exodus, the first desktop multi-asset wallet app that allows users to secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets. With this partnership, Decred participants can enjoy complete and easy control of their currency. They also enjoy full privacy on all transactions, thanks to Exodus' built-in integration with ShapeShift, an industry standard.

“We are excited to offer this extension of the DCR network,” said Jake Yocom-Piatt, Project Lead, Decred. “Exodus gives our users a virtual wallet that is both user-friendly and secure. Empowering users to manage blockchain assets in a simple, one-click manner is the practical, down-to-earth usecase that is essential for the long-term growth of this industry. We couldn’t be happier with this deployment.”

“Written into the Decred project ethos are principles dedicated to free and open-source software, multi-stakeholder inclusivity, and incremental improvement of privacy and security," said Daniel Castagnoli, Exodus Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “With a dev team that has been involved in this industry since its inception, Decred is one of the most innovative digital currencies available today. Making our platform compatible with their offering is key to reaching the broadest community of users who believe in taking control of their financial future—without banks, brokers, or institutional oversight.”

The news of this integration comes on the heels of Decred’s launch of decentralized voting for the blockchain. It also comes as Exodus has implemented confirmation tracking and other new features to make its wallet more user-friendly and secure to the broadest range of users.

Surprise Launch Challenge

As a special treat, the two projects have collaborated to launch a cryptographic challenge with USD $5K prize in $DCR. Decred has a history of creating cryptographic challenges with bountiful prizes, and this event will be no different. The challenge begins at, and it will be live as of June 22 at 10 PM PDT. May the best hacker win!

The Exodus and Decred software are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more information, visit:

Users who require additional assistance can talk to the Decred team at:

“…one of the most interesting current projects, both for the current characteristics and those that will be implemented in the near future.” — Crypto Currency

“Decred is developed by the authors of btcsuite, a widely respected Bitcoin library that has been used by several high-profile projects including, but not limited to, the Lightning Network, BitGo, Ethereum, and Factom." — Brave New Coin