Whats new in the 1.6 release?
Connect your wallet to the Lightning Network to send payments quickly and cheaply.
StakeShuffle coin mixing built directly into Decrediton enables anonymizing your Decred.
The process of spending from the Decred treasury has been decentralized via consensus vote.

Lightning Network

Everything you need to send and receive Lightning payments is now fully integrated into Decrediton.

Lightning Network is the world's most popular "Layer 2" blockchain protocol. It allows for sending off-chain transactions which occur almost instantly and with almost zero fees.

Supporting Lightning Network has great benefits for scalability and user privacy.

StakeShuffle Coin Mixing

Anonymize your Decred with the easy to use coin mixer.

Press one button to turn on the mixer and your Decred will be mixed with the Decred of many other users. Once mixed, tracing the coins back to your original wallet is infeasible.

The mixer uses an innovative peer-to-peer coin mixing protocol known as CoinShuffle++. No third parties ever have access to your coins, so they are never at risk of theft.

Mixer is running
30.46887236 DCR
82.91884032 DCR
Stop Mixer

Decentralized Treasury

Unlocking the power of the Decred Treasury.

Last year Decred stakeholders approved a proposal to further decentralize the process of spending from the Decred Treasury.

The code was voted on and activated by stakeholders after the initial release of 1.6 in early 2021.

Decred stakeholders now possess the power to veto or approve all Treasury spending.

A more private way to stake

Decrediton now supports a new VSP implementation named vspd. Using vspd allows tickets to be purchased with mixed coins, and these tickets will no longer all be linked to a single Decred address. This means a huge improvement for user privacy.

Using vspd is simple. There is no need to register an account with an email address, and there is no redeem script to back up.

Read the vspd blog post to find out more.

Download Decrediton 1.6

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