Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain.

The fusion of technology, community, and governance the Decred way means development is self-funding and remains sustainable.

  • Hybridized proof-of-work proof-of-stake consensus system to strike a balance between miners and voters and create a more robust notion of consensus
  • Blake-256 hashing algorithm – not vulnerable to many of the numerous security issues facing Merkle-Damgård construction-based hashing algorithms such as SHA-256
  • secp256k1 signature scheme for ease of integration into existing software or Ed25519/secp256k1-Schnorr to take advantage of Schnorr signatures and their features
  • Written entirely in Go using a modular, well-documented, and tested codebase for long-term maintainability
  • Multi-stakeholder development ecosystem that welcomes and empowers participants who want to build new and improve on existing features
  • Open and self-funded development via a block subsidy to ensure long-term development sustainability as project and network usage scale upward – Decred improves with use
  • Any party can submit feature proposals and developers are paid for work to fulfill requirements – in full view of the community in a system designed to fight against ingroup-outgroup dynamics
  • Main contributors are the developers responsible for btcsuite (est. early 2013 – present) – a suite of Bitcoin packages and tools, including btcd, a full node, mining capable, Bitcoin implementation
  • Layered form of transparent meritocratic governance that extends beyond proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms to bring forward and represent insider and outsider voices in the community
  • Bottom-up decision-making through the Decred Assembly – an evolving and inclusive list of community members who make non-financial contributions to the project through their work and effort
  • Project bound by the Decred Constitution on the core principles of finite issuance, privacy, security, fungibility, inclusivity, and progressive development of the technology that keeps these principles together