Voting Service Providers
Decred coin holders can opt-in to project governance by pseudorandomly locking their coins in exchange for tickets in order to earn staking rewards. By participating, stakeholders help secure the network by voting to approve the work of the miners, and gain voting rights on proposed changes to the Decred blockchain and project management via Politeia. For a complete explanation, see the documentation.

Because tickets are called pseudorandomly and a wallet must be online to vote when a ticket is called, many people use a Voting Service Provider (VSP) using Decrediton or dcrwallet. VSPs lack access to your funds and are tasked with relaying your voting preferences to the network.

The following VSPs have been reviewed by the community.
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Notice: Tickets may be revoked either because they were missed, or because they expired. Missed tickets can be caused by a poorly connected Proof-of-Work (PoW) miner and may not necessarily be the fault of the provider.
Warning: To encourage decentralization of the network, it is recommended to avoid providers that have over 5% of network votes.
To get your VSP listed, you need to have at least three geographically-distributed voting wallets, and at least one ticket that has successfully voted on mainnet. You can find more information in the VSP docs.